SAS Safety Group

*Glove color changed to highlight grip pattern

Same great glove, new and improved 3D Cube Grip!

Our New 3D Cube pattern is designed to provide a stronger, superior grip when handling tools, liquids, grease, oils and debris. Engineered with our proprietary Astro-Grip formula for a robust, dexterous glove while reducing punctures and tears.



Before Break
120+ mm of stretch
12+ lbs of pressure



Before Break
85+ mm of stretch
10+ lbs of pressure


• Automotive
• Industrial
• Janitorial
• Food Handling
• Aviation Mechanic
• Electronics


• Painting
• Staining
• Chemical Handling
• Parts Washing
• Maintenance
• Machinery and Equipment

Product Features

• Powder-free exam grade nitrile
• Thickness: 7 mil
NEW Patent Pending 3D Cube grip
• High-visibility orange color

• Exceptional chemical and puncture resistance
• Maximum comfort allows for extended wear
• Non-latex
• Single use only